london’s burning london's burning

they say we are all equal in DEATH

men women
slaves masters
rich poor
black white

but that’s a lie

the poor die early
the poor die horribly
the poor die in flames

they say we are all equal in PAIN

that’s a false saying

if you lose your child because he’s sick
then you scream
you pray
you crack inside
but then
you cry yourself to sleep

if you lose your child at home because he’s burnt alive
you don’t scream
you can’t cry
you won’t ever sleep again at night

they say our graves will all be the same SIZE

and that’s a lie

the rich get nice graves
where their beloved ones would put flowers
and cry on
whatever their race

the poor have no graves at all
the poor's bodies can’t even be found
because it doesn’t bring any money
and instead it’s free burning them all alive

the poor are ash now
the rich can now celebrate their new upcoming luxury mall in town

(london 19.6.2017)

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